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Consuming media in our daily lives can either make us or break us. The ONLY way we can recover from anxiety is to heal from obtrusive thoughts that require cleansing the open wounds we hold in our hearts. We become victims of our own comprehension when we do not close off a cycle that was once harming us from moving forward. We cannot rewind successfully to experience without confronting the ideology and custom firsthand without understanding that there is an underlying truth that needs care.


Regardless of the interaction related to partnership, friendship, kinship, or relationship, each social development intersects to teach us the ways in which we frame our lifestyle. Projecting onto others what we want is an ongoing issue that everyone repeats unconsciously. The GOAL is to become conscious of this behavior and understand what needs to modify to produce a positive environment for all in the long run. Everyone’s point of view contains their expertise in the making to unleash hidden treasures in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and other leadership aspects.


These energetic shifts cause a domino effect that is unpredictable towards the universe we inhabit. Growing and learning from countless ideologies, cultures, and other systems allow us to express ourselves from the inside out. Belief systems are meant to enlighten us not to be seen as a point of fear or threat. Subconsciously embracing negative tendencies to not adapt can only lead us to fall back and cause unnecessary conflict to open a space for delegation. We all hold crucial roles and tools that can allow us to empower one another and feel more confident to build a space for authentic expression.

Authoritative dimensions of methods, knowledge, life, and empathy-based holistic scholar citizenship.

I plan to implement conference techniques in discovering alternative graduate studies route and strengthening creative entrepreneurship skills in order to serve and spread awareness to worksites, healthcare, and schools as service-based personal and professional development programs for peacemaker centers.

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"Global health must be done for the right of protection, commerce, & education" - Jane Alvarado

Jane Alvarado is the Founder of Soulective Arts™ (Cross-Disciplinary Creative Education), influenced by UC San Diego global soul studies in collaborative universal research-based solutions in somatic theology.