Holistic Education Reform Exchange & Interdisciplinary Standards

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The time for revamping education has begun to unfold before our eyes. The 21st-century scholastic system requires modification and evaluation of creative, strategic, and design thinkers of all disciplines. Whether this be in visual & performing arts, arts & humanities, sciences, psychology, architecture, etc. these aspects are held close to living in the world and how it operates. Taking into account that we are individuals, groups, and communities of profound knowledge, that have the ability to impact each other's growth is crucial to human existence and industrial progress.

Lifestyle and purpose are founded with what we can contribute to culture. A title, test, or job can share our concentration but then the next question is, what is your expertise? To establish ground rules, begin by evaluating a daily routine. Although this may be mundane and somewhat stressful, there is a piece of the puzzle waiting to be discovered. The thrill we seek is found in this statement, "What NEW experience will I have today?"

Automatically, this thought process has programmed us to fall into a cycle of high expectations and ultimately, stumble across the ego of critique also know as, dissatisfaction. Under these circumstances, we impose ourselves to neglect our ability in learning and developing an extensive process to shape a lifestyle.

We naturally orient towards fight-or-flight mode when we enter defense mechanisms that dis-ease us. Reigniting a spark into a current routine requires creativity and resilience to overcome adversity. Seeking guidance to learn new forms in stress management and design thinking can produce results for success.

Research Framework

Design for diversity, equity, and inclusion must include true democracy that holds common core values with differing cultural opinions to portray a utopian society.

Strategic planning with global consciousness, research development, and collaborative partnerships.

Adapting the innovation and entrepreneurship route with personal development books, articles, research, etc. can share text that reflects a trend within the works that we hold close to our inner peace.

Global Consciousness Education

In Soulective Arts™(Cross-Disciplinary Creative Education) there is a holistic approach to government sectors through negotiation, reform, and education. Building a dream, movement, and purpose-driven lifestyle requires establishing an authentic voice to achieve personal success.

Being involved as your guide in Leadership Coaching/Training with a service-based platform to find a balance amongst entrepreneurs, innovators, and corporations can allow for greater efficiency in handling conflict-resolution, multicultural, and organizational rights for the people as a worldwide network.

Mastermind Sectors

Developing a unique philosophy requires practicing how to read and assess ideas, concepts, and projects as a sense of renewal. With patience, anything is possible to achieve.

Thought leaders, motivational speakers, and social innovators all hold a common language for enhancing an individual to become the best version of themselves by emphasizing that "we can rewrite our stories." Being born with an innate gift and expertise can be brought to life with guidance.

Life is everlasting when we look at the world as a connection to our next journey. Anytime you hear a voice of doubt, retrace your steps and start again with conscious relations to bridge the gap between different communities for equal success.

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"In this lifetime we only have one job and one opportunity. We must unite to trailblaze this ideal American Dream worldwide." - Jane Alvarado

Jane Alvarado is the Founder of Soulective Arts™ (Cross-Disciplinary Creative Education), a consulting service and training program for integrative solutions in consciousness, leadership, and innovation.