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Mastery leadership is a required skill set for career development and scientific research. The process I embodied in project ideation for zen writings, feng shui design, and dance/movement therapy streams into Tibetan Buddhism analysis. Taoism tends to be pictured as a spirit realm study into a metaphysical plane but it embodies the law of Lao-Tzu practicalities with the universe. Holistic education should be considered in classroom teachings to offer the students to progress in reflective practices that offer unique lesson plans for K-12 and follow into a business breakthrough.

As a trauma recovery initiator, I have developed assignments for education/counseling and professional/training as works I professionally would like to pursue in the industry. My passion for Jay Shetty's "Think Like A Monk" novel offered me the opportunity to ideate a negotiation where we can include celebrities as visiting teachers to collaborate with the universities, students to work with the reporters on writings, feng shui designers to work with architects for classroom remodeling.

Western Dogma and Eastern Medicine are combined with the pillars of love, health, and wisdom I stood for the work in my new Soulective Arts (JaneMirie.LifeTeachings) Facebook page for online education and home education-based practices. When we follow the world's views we have to consider the spiritual essence which we inhabit. Often we neglect the body and that is why the transformation is difficult to achieve. The spirit is part of the psyche integration and energetic force that we overcome.

Following the practices I shared will help you find grounding in your own being meanwhile centering around the lessons I would like you to consider the following tools:

  1. Mastery Formation

  2. Authentic Transformation

  3. Holistic Integration

When you finish the tasks I can orient you towards more challenges, plus interview you to see if you are a good fit for Soulective Arts™ Program (Spiritual Life Coaching). My dream is to potentially live stream with groundbreaking industries across the globe to work as a public speaker and career advisor that can share presentations on TEDx.

Please support my movement by completing the tasks by email: Be open to sharing your opinions on the posts to create a discussion around real-world problems to find new solutions for lifestyle improvement.

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"Self-transcendence comes from the soul to honor power, opportunity, and resilience." - Jane Alvarado

Jane Alvarado is the Founder of Soulective Arts™, a consulting service and training program for integrative solutions in consciousness, leadership, and innovation.