Toltec Divine Masters

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Learning the laws of life requires patience. Our rituals lead us to understand the verses of mindfulness, consciousness, and ancient studies. A divine pathway to gift ourselves, love to worship the mind, heart, body, spirit, and soul.

Writings for sacred protection in self-mastery and meditations at home reflect that motion is in the body, emotion comes from the heart, and vision teaches the spiritual path to hold a dream practice to worship the journey to enlightenment.

To be conscious the artworks we contain be in poetry, writing, and mastery unveils a new route for life. A prophecy is part of the obstacles we face to navigate our acts and services for family to impart wisdom with sacred writings for higher education at home or in the classroom is necessary for improving communication, interaction, and empowerment.

Tying the roots to metaphysics, divinity, and transcendence allows us to find the elements worshipped by deities that protect the planet in lightwork. Sacred medicine prepares us to live in the new generation in health, wealth, and wisdom.

Contact: Jane Alvarado

Role: Toltec Divine Scholar


Cell: (714) 673-4853

"Advancement comes from spiritual leadership to embody who we are for holistic fulfillment to meditate our own meaning of divinity, medicine, and karmic laws." - Jane Alvarado

Jane Alvarado is the Founder of Sacred Divine Healthcare, a consulting service and training program for integrative solutions in consciousness, leadership, and innovation.