Since Pre-Kindergarten, I made it my goal to learn the meaning of life and art. Day and night, I would have ongoing conversations about how much I appreciate spirituality, arts, and creativity. The opportunity to train at The Wooden Floor for 9 years in Modern Dance, performing at dance concerts and completing an intensive with Steve Paxton, brought me closer to achieving my dream of creative breakthroughs at Godinez Fundamental High School. I overcame my performance anxiety with dancing, drawing, singing, and songwriting then wrote original poetry that led me to earn a Legacy Award in Visual and Performing Arts. As first-generation Mexican-American student at the University of California, San Diego, early-career trial and error, made me want to reinvent my work with curriculum design and creative research with dance, theatre, and music humanities which allowed me to become the founder of Move Around the World cross-cultural dance and Move-Ed trauma-informed mindfulness programs for Movement Exchange. I practiced pedagogy & choreography training with the contemporary dance instructors, recovered from burnout, and returned to graduate with a B.A. Dance and Jean Issacs Performance Award. Post-graduate studies, Soulective Arts™ Program has become my career calling to impart the knowledge of learning and development through mindful leadership and holistic design studies. I aim to facilitate others to find their own mastery path to redemption.